NewcalendarSP1 version 3.9

  1. Calendar Features
  2. How to Use the Calendar

If you are using any version of Newcalendar prior to version 3.6 (other than 3.51b) there is a potential security hole.  Please upgrade to a secure version.

To get the most out of the Newcalendar mod, please read this entire file.

As with any mod, backup your forum before installing!



To Use:

Navigating the Calendar:

Access the calendar by clicking on the calendar icon in the YaBB menu or YaBB Info Center.  If the Admin has activated the Moon Phase display, then the calendar icon in the Info Center will appear as the current phase of the moon.  The month view will be displayed.

To view the next month, click the Next button.  To view the previous month, click the Prev button.  To view other months, use the form at the bottom of the page to select the month and year and click the "View Calendar" button.

To view the current year, click on the year text next to the month name.

In the year view calendar, use the Next and Prev buttons to view the next or previous years.  Use the form below the calendar to select other years to view.  Dates with events appear in bold.  Clicking on a date opens the details for events for that date.  Clicking on the month name opens the month view for that month.

On the View Events or Edit Events Pages, clicking on the month name opens the month view for that month.  Clicking on the year opens the year view for that year.

To view events:

Click on the event name on the month view or click on a bolded date on the year view calendar. Details for the events for that day will open.  If a member birthday is displayed, clicking on the member's name will open that member's profile page.

Send Event:  Clicking on the "Send Event to a Friend" button opens up the Send Event page.  Here the user may send a quick email message, asking them to take a look at the event.  The user needs to enter the name and email address of the recipient.

The default message sent:

The Admin may edit this message in the language file (english.lng).



I want you to check out the following event notice on the MineralArts Test Forums.

Event: Geological Society
Posted by: Admin
Type of Event: Meeting
Date of Event: 1/16/2004

To view details, please click the link below


To add a new event:

Click on the date text for the date of the event on the Month View or click on "Add/Edit Events for this Day" at the bottom of the events table on the View Events Page or click on a date on the year view calendar if it doesn't already have an event scheduled.  If the date text is not clickable or the "Add/Edit Events for this Day" link does not appear on the View Events Page, then you are not allowed to add/edit/delete events on this calendar.  The Forum Administrator determines which member groups have write access to the calendar.  Contact your Forum Admin to request write access.

A page will open showing all the events for that day that you are authorized to edit.  Users can be add/modify/delete their own events through this page.  Events entered by other users will not be shown on this page.  Admins and Calendar Moderators can modify all events.  If guest event posting is enabled by the Admin, then guests may post events.  Guests may modify any guest event since all guests are user "Guest".

Clicking on the "Edit this Event Notice" for an event or the "Add a New Event Notice" buttons will open the Edit Event Page.

Name:  This is the the name of the event that will appear on the month view and Info Center listing for the event.  The maximum length is 15 characters.  YaBBC codes are allowed here so smilies can be used.  The YaBB censor function is applied to this field.

Type:  This the type of the event.  Events are organizied on the Info Center by type.

Repeat For:  To create a multiday event open the edit events page for the first day of the event.  Enter the number of days in the "Repeat for" box and select "Day(s)" from the drop down list.

To create recurring events open the edit events page for the first day the event will occur and enter the number of times the event will occur and select weeks, months, years, or 3rdTues from the drop down list.  For example,  if you have an event that occurs each Wednesday for three weeks, open the edit events page for the first Wednesday, enter 3 in the "repeat for" box and select Week(s) from the drop down menu.  The 3rdTues option allows the entry of monthly events that occur on the same day of the week and the same week of the month but not on the same date each month.  Example: a meeting that is scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month.  The 2ndSunMay option allows the entry of annual events that occur on the same day of week, in the same week of the month, and in the same month of the year but not on the same date each year.  Example:  Mothers' Day (US Holiday) occurs the second Sunday in May.

Description:  Enter the description of the event.  YaBBC codes are allowed here so images, formatted text, links, smilies, etc. can be used here.  The YaBB censor function is applied to this field.

Entered by:  Shows who posted the event.

Add or Change Entry:  Enter events one at a time and click the "Add or Change Entry" button for each event before adding or editing another event.

Delete: Click to delete the event.  Note:  There is no second chance here.  If the delete button is pressed, the event is deleted.

Move Event to Date: Enter a new date here to move event to a different date. Event will be deleted from current date and moved to date specified.

Adding Mini Calendars to Posts:

If allowed by the Forum Admin, a YaBBC tag is available to add a small month view calendar to any post or private message.  To add a calendar, enter [newcal=1,2003] in the message area of a post.  The first number is the month, 1-12, and the second is the year that is to be displayed.  Alternately, if the day is also specified, [newcal=1,26,2003] or [newcal=26,1,2003] depending on the date format set by the Admin, the specified date will be highlighted on the calendar.  If the date is omitted, [newcal], the minicalendar will display the current month.  In this case the minicalendar will roll over with each new month.  On forums where calendar access is limited to Admin-specified member groups, readers who are not in the designated groups will not see the inserted calendars.